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Membership is required at 3 levels:

National (USPC), Regional (Virginia), and Club (MOCPC).

National Membership:(Required)
Please indicate your preference to receive and complete the The United States Pony Club (USPC) application - we will send it to you promptly.
Regional Membership:(Required)
Once your National Application is accepted, we will automatically process your Virginia Regional membership. Please specify your payment preference for Regional Dues.
MOC Club Dues, Initiation Fee:(Required)
Pay your annual club dues and initiation fee. We will send you your New Member Kit which will include a Pony Club Manual and Medical Armband

What's included in your membership?

You benefit from an all-access pass to everything you need to become a well-rounded horse lover!

Responsibility & Independence

The unmounted knowledge portion known as Horse Management teaches core values like health, maintenance, nutrition, and handling.

Increased Safety

Through awareness education and professional supervision, safety knowledge is made a priority for the well-being of you and your horse.

Develop Sportsmanship

Activities are designed to encourage teamwork and maintain fair treatment of everyone involved.

Foster Leadership

Opportunities to lead other participants gives you a chance to step into your knowledge.

Improve Confidence

Practice combined with encouragement creates an environment that allows you to feel self-assured.

Promote Community

Connect with dozens of young families in Northern Virginia that share a common goal.

Pony Club Membership Dues

$ 280 Per member annually
  • USPC Dues ($155)
  • VRPC Dues ($30)
  • MOC Club Dues ($95)
  • Pony Club Manual
  • Medical Armband
  • Horse Management
  • Mounted Lessons
  • Discipline Lessons
  • Camps
  • Certifications
  • Games
  • Quizzes
  • Rallies
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Professional trainers
  • High quality facilities
  • Club meetings

Start shaping your future today!

For the horse crazy kid, this means having an early opportunity to learn safe handling, riding, and sportsmanship from equestrian experts.

Here's how to join to start taking lessons!


Become a US Pony Club Member.

Join the parent club by completing the member section of the USPC application. Sign pages 1 and 2, then make a copy of both pages.


Become a MOC Pony Club Member.

Join our local chapter by submitting your application with the USPC application copies and your dues payable by check.


Check the calendar.

Find out when activities are happening so you can plan your schedule.


Start learning.

Build the foundation of proper horsemanship with a structured lesson plan and practice your skills under expert supervision.


Test your skills.

Measure your growth over the years by earning certificates from D-level up to A-level and by participating in friendly group competitions called rallies.


Get involved.

Volunteer to support activities and attend membership meetings.

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