Local Level Certifications

Exclusively for Pony Club members, held multiple times per year.

Progress from beginner to advanced at your own pace and test your increasing knowledge of the Pony Club Standards of Proficiency.


Demonstrate basic skills on the ground and on the horse. After you join, you will start with this comprehensive test.


You should be able to demonstrate simple skills, with assistance if necessary, and should understand the basic reasons for the everyday routines of caring for your horse.


You grow in skills and knowledge and become more independent. You should be able to demonstrate simple skills without assistance, and to discuss care of the mount, using common horse terms.


You show a developing awareness of cause and effect in the care of your horse. You must ride with control, using natural aids, and should begin riding your mount freely forward in balance and rhythm while developing a light contact.


You show a solid awareness of cause and effect in horse management skills, confidence and control, and demonstrate a secure balanced position and progression toward an independent seat with coordinated use of aids. You begin to initiate free forward movement, establishing balance and rhythm while developing a light contact.

Start shaping your future today!

For the horse crazy kid, this means having an early opportunity to learn safe handling, riding, and sportsmanship from equestrian experts.

Here's how to join to start taking lessons!


Join the parent club by completing the member section of the USPC application. Sign pages 1 and 2, then make a copy of both pages.


Join our local chapter by submitting your application with the USPC application copies and your dues payable by check. Your dues for the Virginia Region Pony Club will be collected at the same time.


Check the calendar.

Find out when activities are happening so you can plan your schedule.


Start learning.

Build the foundation of proper horsemanship with a structured lesson plan and practice your skills under expert supervision.


Test your skills.

Measure your growth over the years by earning certificates from D-level up to A-level and by participating in friendly group competitions called rallies.


Get involved.

Volunteer to support activities and attend membership meetings.

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Questions about Pony Club certifications?