Annual Middleburg Horse Trials

June 8-9, 2024
Great Meadow Foundation
The Plains, VA (USEA Area 2)

Photos by Erin Gilmore Photography who is our 2023 show photographer!

Competitor Notes:

Updated 6/8/23

The Horse trial staff know many of you have been worried about the air quality. We have been in touch with our vet, Chad Davis, and he has been in contact with the FEI vets at the Upperville Horse Show. They are all closely monitoring the situation. All indications are that we should be in an acceptable range by Saturday.

Thank you for your entry and we are looking forward to hosting a terrific event in Middleburg this weekend! A few housekeeping items for MOPC Middleburg Horse Trials:

  • All trailers – please come in GATE 2 on both Saturday and Sunday – go through the polo arena parking and follow the signs to trailer parking.
  • All volunteers/ spectators – please come in GATE 7 and follow signs around to the left past the ‘Red Barn’ to park.
  • We will have VERY limited water available in the parking area – please plan accordingly. There is access to water back up by the polo arena and at the finish of XC.
  • We will have food on site for breakfast and lunch both Saturday and Sunday.
  • NO CARS OR TRUCKS will be allowed up by competition area during competition – bikes/ golf carts/ gators will be allowed.
  • Course Maps will be up by start box on Friday afternoon – Start boxes are on far side of main arena and available online
  • VTO Saddlery will be here both days
  • We are planning to aerate the XC – we do have very good grass ground cover, but this will also help.
  • We can’t run the HT without volunteers, and we are very low on volunteers!!!! Please ask your friends, neighbors, students, etc. to volunteer. For those that do volunteer there is FREE XC SCHOOLING for Tuesday June 13th at Great Meadow. Also, many prizes and gift cards that will be raffled off every day. Please sign up at
  • Entries are not complete unless payment has been made, even if the paperwork was received or postmarked prior to the closing date.  If payment was not received or postmarked as of the closing date, the entry is late and a late fee has been assessed.  Please email the secretary with your intent to make payment in order to have your ride time posted.
  • Ride times will be posted no later than Thursday, June 8th in the PM on our official website
  • All inquiries must be made via email to the secretary at
  • The link to the scoring is
  • You will be able to see the score for each of your dressage movements; the jumps where your problems occurred and can sort results for any phase. You may want to bookmark this on your mobile devices ahead of the event.


**Information below is subject to change. Please view Omnibus for most up-to-date information.**

June 10-11, 2023

Open Date: Apr. 25, 2023
Close Date: May 23, 2023
Starting Times: Available June 8



How to Enter Middleburg Horse Trials


Be a USEA member, you and your horse.


Check the most recent information:


Enter online & pay electronically.

Entries are accepted through Xentry or Evententries. We strongly prefer credit card payments. Please contact the secretary to pay by Zelle or Venmo. Entry date is the date of payment.


Submit all required documents & information:



**Information below is subject to change. Please view Omnibus for most up-to-date information.**


  • Preliminary $250
  • Modified $235
  • Training $230
  • Novice $225
  • Beginner Novice $220
  • Office Fee $25

    Included in entry fee and non-refundable.

  • Returned Check $50
  • Non-competing horses. $20

    Must register & upload negative coggins.

  • Post-Entry/Late Fee $50

    Payment received after closing date & before June 5.

  • Post-Entry/Late Fee $100

    After June 4.

  • Change Fee $25

    Division, horse, or rider before closing date. By email only.

  • Change Fee $50

    Division, horse, or rider after closing date & before June 5. By email only.

  • Change Fee $100

    Division, horse, or rider after June 4. By email only.

  • Show Pass Fee $45

    Non-USEF members

  • Ribbon Mailing Fee $3


  • Before CD Less $25
  • After CD Less $100

    Only if place can be filled from wait list.

  • After June 7, 9pm NONE
  • Competition Cancellation NONE

Plan Your Stay


Great Meadow Foundation
5089 Old Tavern Road
The Plains, VA 20198

COVID-19 Protocols

We will be guided by USEA/USEF and the State of Virginia.

Tentative Schedule:

**Information below is subject to change. Please view Omnibus for most up-to-date information.**


  • 3:00 pm XC Course Open
  • 4:00 pm Showing Jumping Course Open


  • 8:00 am All P/M/T - Dressage
  • 10:00 am P/M/T Show Jumping
  • 10:30 am P/M/T Cross-Country


  • 8:00 am All T/N/BN - Dressage
  • 10:00 am T/N/BN Show Jumping
  • 10:30 am N/BN Cross-Country

Depending on the number of entries at the different levels, some Training may run Sat and some Sunday. We anticipate Training will be Saturday. If you have a Training entry, please let the secretary know if you can not ride one of these days.

**Information below is subject to change. Please view Omnibus for most up-to-date information.**



Available for purchase




Horse jumping stone table


Trailer Parking

Gate 2, follow signs.

Volunteer Parking

Gate 7, follow signs.

Questions about the Middleburg Horse Trials?


As a non-profit, we rely on the generous support of our community to fundraise for our event.