2022 Middleburg Horse Trials Times

Competitor Notes:

Updated 6/9/22

  • We are working to secure a food truck, in the event we do not secure one, please plan accordingly as food options will be a distance from the venue. We will post an update on the website if we do get one.
  • All trailers – please come in GATE 2 on both Saturday and Sunday – go to the right and follow the signs to parking. There will be someone there directing you.
  • All volunteers/ spectators – please come in GATE 7 and follow signs around to the left past the “Red Barn” to park.
  • We will have NO water available in trailer parking – please plan accordingly. There is access to water back up by the polo arena and the end of xc.
  • There will be a shuttle that can take people from the secretary tent to the competition area.
  • We will not have ice for sale – there is a gas station in The Plains that has ice.
  • NO CARS OR TRUCKS will be allowed up by competition area during competition – bikes/ golf carts/ gators will be allowed.
  • Course Maps will be up by start box on Friday afternoon – Start boxes are on far side of main arena.
  • Note: With multiple rides, you need to ride your dressage test at the scheduled time and although we prefer you ride SJ and XC on time, in some cases you may not be able to. However, you need to finish your rides before that level is done. If you foresee a problem, let the secretary know. If you have 2 horses in the same level you can ride all of the SJ first followed by all of them in XC or in the regular order (i.e. SJ followed by XC for each horse)

Times & Order of Go for June 11-12, 2022

Times as of 6/8/22 4:55 p.m.

First Last Horse Name Division Dress Day Dress time Stadium Time XCountry Time missing information tipp #
Carla Abramcheck Perla Dubh NR Sun 10:57AM 12:50PM 1:10PM
Kendall Adams Hint of Gold NJr Sun 11:33AM 1:40PM 2:00PM
Charlotte Adcock Digby TR Sat 1:31PM 3:00PM 3:20PM
Claire Allen Get Serious TR Sat 12:43PM 2:44PM 3:04PM
Lauren Allen FGF Bob’s Wired NR Sun 11:03AM 12:52PM 1:12PM 300031213
Cynthia Anderson TE Sollozzo NSr Sun 9:06AM 12:00PM 12:20PM 300035084
Lisa Apted Yeats Royale TSr Sat 1:46PM 3:24PM 3:44PM
Laine Ashker Mission Relaunch OT1 Sat 11:38AM 1:56PM 2:16PM 300031722
Laine Ashker Lovedance OP1 Sat 8:24AM 10:12AM 10:32AM
Sarah Atkins Swan’s Star Spangled Banner OBN1 Sun 12:08PM 2:44PM 3:04PM
Emma Ayre FGF Aiken Prep OP1 Sat 8:36AM 10:18AM 10:38AM 300036175
Emma Ayre Power Strike OP2 Sat 9:27AM 11:18AM 11:37AM 300036176
Tana Baber Good to the core OBN2 Sun 2:11PM 3:28PM 3:48PM USEA/USEF waiver Signatures not complete; USPC waiver missing;
Marissa Bacino Stretch Four TSr Sat 1:52PM 3:26PM 3:46PM 300028790
Rebecca Barber Tyler MBF Firebrand ON1 Sun 8:48AM 10:36AM 10:56AM USEA/USEF waiver Signatures not complete; USPC waiver missing;
Rebecca Barber Tyler Lassban Royal Minstrel OT2 Sat 12:50PM 2:40PM 3:00PM USPC waiver missing;
Rebecca Barber Tyler FE Marco Polo OT1 Sat 11:02AM 1:44PM 2:04PM USEA/USEF waiver Signatures not complete; USPC waiver missing;
Kaleigh Barkaszi Golightly NSr Sun 8:06AM 11:40AM 12:00PM USPC waiver missing;
Josephine Barklage Krispy Kreme NJr Sun 11:09AM 1:32PM 1:52PM
Josephine Barnes Highlands Galileo NJr Sun 10:09AM 1:12PM 1:32PM
Brooke Bayley FortyLinesofDeputy MOD2 Sat 10:29AM 12:40PM 1:00PM USPC waiver missing; 300029522
Dawn Beach Smokin Hot OT1 Sat 12:08PM 2:06PM 2:26PM 300028355
Kate Bearer Clifton’s Adora OBN1 Sun 11:44AM 2:36PM 2:56PM
Kate Bearer Justfollowmylead OP1 Sat 8:30AM 10:15AM 10:35AM USPC waiver missing;
Isabella Beddow Stormin Jerry MOD2 Sat 11:11AM 12:54PM 1:14PM 300023884
Ashley Beheler Jubilee BNR Sun 2:17PM 4:00PM 4:20PM USPC waiver missing;
Gabrielle Behrens Pop Americana OBN1 Sun 11:50AM 2:38PM 2:58PM USPC waiver missing;
Nicholas Beshear Rio De Janeiro OP1 Sat 8:00AM 10:00AM 10:20AM
Nicholas Beshear Deal With It OP2 Sat 8:39AM 10:54AM 11:14AM 300011841
Nicholas Beshear One Plan OT1 Sat 11:50AM 2:00PM 2:20PM
Nicholas Beshear Compromise Elsewhere OT2 Sat 12:14PM 2:28PM 2:48PM
Nicholas Beshear Waffle ON2 Sun 9:36AM 11:30AM 11:50AM
Nicholas Beshear Rule of Thumb OT2 Sat 12:44PM 2:38PM 2:58PM
Julie Bigham Accomplice TR Sat 1:49PM 3:06PM 3:26PM
Dana Bivens Fernhill Kannan Cruis OP2 Sat 9:09AM 11:09AM 11:29AM
Courtney Bolam Hemisphere BNR Sun 1:35PM 3:46PM 4:06PM
Laila Bolsteins Sabino Canyon MOD1 Sat 9:42AM 12:18PM 12:38PM 300008931
Jessica Bowen RF Chaucer ON2 Sun 8:00AM 10:58AM 11:18AM
Clare Brady Rhythm and Blues MOD1 Sat 10:00AM 12:24PM 12:44PM
Francesca Broggini Cooley High Flyer MOD2 Sat 10:47AM 12:46PM 1:06PM USPC waiver missing;
Francesca Broggini Esuberanza OT1 Sat 11:44AM 1:58PM 2:18PM USPC waiver missing;
Addison Brost LB Liloki NJr Sun 11:21AM 1:36PM 1:56PM
Jaclyn Burke Chance of Hidden Heights MOD2 Sat 11:41AM 1:04PM 1:24PM USEA/USEF waiver Signatures not complete; USPC waiver missing; 300016158
Jaclyn Burke Chance of Liftoff ON1 Sun 9:24AM 10:48AM 11:08AM USEA/USEF waiver Signatures not complete; USPC waiver missing;
Jan Byyny Beautiful Storm OP1 Sat 8:48AM 10:24AM 10:44AM USPC waiver missing; 300023922
Jan Byyny Collection Box OBN2 Sun 1:41PM 3:18PM 3:38PM Horse USEA # missing, USPC waiver missing;
Charles Campbell FE Nikki Beach OP2 Sat 9:21AM 11:15AM 11:35AM USPC waiver missing; owe 333
Kathleen Cannon Coffee’s Surprise NSr Sun 9:30AM 12:08PM 12:28PM
Addie Cant Fiftyshadesofcharm OP2 Sat 9:03AM 11:06AM 11:26AM USPC waiver missing; 300024960
Mary Cooke Catlett Cooley Romance TR Sat 12:49PM 2:46PM 3:06PM USPC waiver missing;
Jessica Chappell Bryn Taran Laurel OP1 Sat 9:12AM 10:36AM 10:56AM coggins not sent, USPC waiver missing;
Krista Child Drake ON2 Sun 8:54AM 11:16AM 11:36AM USPC waiver missing;
Sharon Church Ruffan’s Run OBN1 Sun 11:56AM 2:40PM 3:00PM
Mary Clare Golden King MOD1 Sat 10:12AM 12:28PM 12:48PM
Ainsley Colgan Ginobi NR Sun 10:15AM 12:36PM 12:56PM 300025544
Isabelle Cook Flashback NJr Sun 10:15AM 1:14PM 1:34PM
Amira Cooney Annie MOD1 Sat 9:24AM 12:12PM 12:32PM
Gary Coppage Picture Perfect BNR Sun 1:29PM 3:44PM 4:04PM
Ashley Cosenza Mason’s Dream NJr Sun 10:45AM 1:24PM 1:44PM USPC waiver missing;
Carroll Courtenay Mr.Puff Higgens Jr. MOD2 Sat 10:35AM 12:42PM 1:02PM
Kem Courtenay Journeyman NSr Sun 8:12AM 11:42AM 12:02PM
Amanda Cousins America Runs on Duncan OP1 Sat 9:00AM 10:30AM 10:50AM 300018403
Virginia Crump Sweetvirginiabreze OBN1 Sun 12:38PM 2:54PM 3:14PM
Matt Crutchfield Ninja TR Sat 12:55PM 2:48PM 3:08PM 300030699
Sarah Crutchfield Dubious intent NR Sun 10:45AM 12:46PM 1:06PM 300033396
Laurel Curry Kilt Chaser BNR Sun 2:29PM 4:04PM 4:24PM chg fee $50;
Lindy Davenport Starook ON1 Sun 8:42AM 10:34AM 10:54AM USPC waiver missing; 300029932
Clark Davis Clemons T OT1 Sat 12:02PM 2:04PM 2:24PM
Jillian Dean Kingcarra Cooley Diamond OP2 Sat 8:45AM 10:57AM 11:17AM
Jordan deButts Thirsty for Gold OT2 Sat 11:38AM 2:16PM 2:36PM 300021601
Riley Deiboldt Asthore ON2 Sun 8:30AM 11:08AM 11:28AM 300031719
Michelle DeLeon Einar ON2 Sun 8:06AM 11:00AM 11:20AM 300035743
Joe DeSantis Lucky Charm OBN2 Sun 1:53PM 3:22PM 3:42PM USPC waiver missing;
Joe DeSantis Pure Biz ON2 Sun 9:00AM 11:18AM 11:38AM USEA/USEF waiver Signatures not complete; USPC waiver missing; 300029471
Lucy DesBiens Tappin the Keg NSr Sun 9:36AM 12:10PM 12:30PM USPC waiver missing;
Gabby Dickerson Top Secret OT1 Sat 10:50AM 1:40PM 2:00PM USPC waiver missing;
Gabby Dickerson Dark Angel d”Avalon ON1 Sun 8:12AM 10:24AM 10:44AM USPC waiver missing;
Gabby Dickerson Top Rox ON2 Sun 9:18AM 11:24AM 11:44AM USPC waiver missing;
Gabby Dickerson Top L’Amour WV MOD1 Sat 8:48AM 12:00PM 12:20PM horse membership; USPC waiver missing;
Lee DiGangi Eleventh Hour NSr Sun 9:42AM 12:12PM 12:32PM
Kathryn Doherty Rocmaster TR Sat 1:43PM 3:04PM 3:24PM coggins not sent, USPC waiver missing;
Ashley Douzant Proper Job OBN1 Sun 12:02PM 2:42PM 3:02PM 300036006
Martin Douzant Sliver Ruby MOD1 Sat 8:42AM 11:58AM 12:18PM USPC waiver missing; owe 60
Martin Douzant He’s My Rock ON1 Sun 8:00AM 10:20AM 10:40AM USEA/USEF waiver Signatures not complete; USPC waiver missing; 300011386
Martin Douzant Frame Severine OBN2 Sun 1:23PM 3:12PM 3:32PM USPC waiver missing;
Martin Douzant Narnia’s Flagmont King Sentiment ON1 Sun 8:54AM 10:38AM 10:58AM coggins not sent, Horse USEA # missing, USPC waiver missing;
Martin Douzant BSF Frame Charleston ON2 Sun 9:42AM 11:32AM 11:52AM USPC waiver missing;
Karen Eichert Mizz Indy Cat BNR Sun 2:05PM 3:56PM 4:16PM 300011633
Samantha Eley Swan’s Buttercup TSr Sat 1:58PM 3:28PM 3:48PM USPC waiver missing;
Shona Ensign Emmelie NR Sun 11:09AM 12:54PM 1:14PM USPC waiver missing;
Kelsey Estes Trionfo TR Sat 1:07PM 2:52PM 3:12PM USPC waiver missing;
Mia Farley Invictus OP1 Sat 8:06AM 10:03AM 10:23AM coggins not sent, USEA/USEF waiver Signatures not complete; USPC waiver missing;
Mia Farley BGS Calculated Chaos OP2 Sat 9:33AM 11:21AM 11:39AM coggins not sent, USEA/USEF waiver Signatures not complete; USPC waiver missing;
Toni Flory Dominus ON1 Sun 9:00AM 10:40AM 11:00AM
Abby Foltz Absolute Zero MOD2 Sat 9:59AM 12:30PM 12:50PM
Melissa Fox Rogue Patriot OBN2 Sun 1:59PM 3:24PM 3:44PM 300034090
Ariana Freeman Sparrowhawk WE MOD1 Sat 9:30AM 12:14PM 12:34PM USPC waiver missing; owe 318
Kelley Frost State of Emergency BNR Sun 1:17PM 3:40PM 4:00PM 300031790
Abigail Fulmer State of Reverence TR Sat 12:37PM 2:42PM 3:02PM 300020856
Berkley Gardner Aristocrat MOD2 Sat 10:23AM 12:38PM 12:58PM
Amy Gaynor Studly Dudley NR Sun 10:33AM 12:42PM 1:02PM
Susan Gehris Steddy Eddy TSr Sat 1:40PM 3:22PM 3:42PM 300015650
Faith Genkinger Nuclear Code NJr Sun 11:45AM 1:44PM 2:04PM 300030878
Paige Gibboney Flying First Class OBN1 Sun 11:38AM 2:34PM 2:54PM
Anna Gibson Cruise on Cooley TSr Sat 1:22PM 3:16PM 3:36PM
Anna Gibson Black Label MOD1 Sat 9:00AM 12:04PM 12:24PM 300015271
Jessica Goldberg My Irish Dream BNR Sun 1:47PM 3:50PM 4:10PM
Sarah Gonzalez Rockstar Rebellion BNR Sun 1:41PM 3:48PM 4:08PM
Katelyn Good Tiddlywinks NR Sun 10:51AM 12:48PM 1:08PM USEA/USEF waiver Signatures not complete; USPC waiver missing;
Sarah Greenway LF Jagger OP2 Sat 8:27AM 10:48AM 11:08AM coggins not sent, USPC waiver missing;
Sydney Hagaman Charmeur OP2 Sat 8:51AM 11:00AM 11:20AM
Liz Harrison Bombero TSr Sat 2:10PM 3:32PM 3:52PM 300028705
Erin Harty Skippyjon Jones TSr Sat 2:16PM 3:34PM 3:54PM 300029243
Ella Sabine Hatcher Jamison NJr Sun 10:57AM 1:28PM 1:48PM
Emma Hayes Where’d It Go NJr Sun 10:33AM 1:20PM 1:40PM USPC waiver missing; 300032072
Brittany Hebets Island Nominee OBN2 Sun 1:11PM 3:08PM 3:28PM USPC waiver missing;
Brittany Hebets Stuck on Gold MOD2 Sat 10:11AM 12:34PM 12:54PM USPC waiver missing; 300031087
Demmi Hersh Jacks-R-Wild NSr Sun 9:18AM 12:04PM 12:24PM USPC waiver missing;
Samantha Homeyer Captain Thunder Pants TR Sat 2:01PM 3:10PM 3:30PM
Samantha Homeyer Final Notice MOD1 Sat 9:12AM 12:08PM 12:28PM
Ellie Horah MOD1 Sat 8:30AM 11:54AM 12:14PM missing Horse Name, coggins not sent, USEA/USEF waiver Signatures not complete; Horse USEA # missing, USEF # missing, Trainer USEF # missing, owner USEF # missing, USPC waiver missing; owe 368
Ellie Horah Coopers Marck MOD2 Sat 11:05AM 12:52PM 1:12PM coggins not sent, USEF # missing, Trainer USEF # missing, owner USEF # missing, USPC waiver missing;
Lexie Horn Doctor Jones TSr Sat 1:28PM 3:18PM 3:38PM USPC waiver missing;
Addison Kasley Very Tasteful TR Sat 1:25PM 2:58PM 3:18PM 300008856
Emerson Kasley Global Venture NJr Sun 11:03AM 1:30PM 1:50PM
Caroline Kelahan For Goodness Sake NR Sun 10:27AM 12:40PM 1:00PM 300033313
Quidley Kellermann Cruising Along NJr Sun 11:27AM 1:38PM 1:58PM USPC waiver missing;
Claire Kelley Dr Mac OBN2 Sun 1:47PM 3:20PM 3:40PM USPC waiver missing; 300030899
Lindsay Kelley Cooley Carrera ON2 Sun 8:48AM 11:14AM 11:34AM coggins not sent, USPC waiver missing;
Katie Kelly Valiant Voyager BNR Sun 1:23PM 3:42PM 4:02PM
Peyton Klein Archimedes OP2 Sat 9:15AM 11:12AM 11:32AM coggins not sent, USEF # missing, Trainer USEF # missing, owner USEF # missing, USPC waiver missing;
Scout Knull Ron Juan NJr Sun 10:51AM 1:26PM 1:46PM 300032981
Caroline Kriscivnas Flawless ON1 Sun 9:30AM 10:50AM 11:10AM USPC waiver missing;
Caiti Kuczynski-Trumpower Fernhill Showboat MOD2 Sat 11:35AM 1:02PM 1:22PM owe 50
Caiti Kuczynski-Trumpower Fernhill Boogie Shoes ON1 Sun 8:36AM 10:32AM 10:52AM
Judith Lafleur-Lovegrove Ciao Bella NR Sun 11:21AM 12:58PM 1:18PM
Leslie Lamb Toha ON1 Sun 9:06AM 10:42AM 11:02AM 300036195
Reina Larkin Mr. Catalpa BNR Sun 12:59PM 3:34PM 3:54PM USPC waiver missing;
Rachel Lawson Little Red Corvette MOD2 Sat 10:17AM 12:36PM 12:56PM USPC waiver missing;
Lance LeClair Missy Clare ON2 Sun 8:36AM 11:10AM 11:30AM owe 300
Rebecca Lee A Proper Villain OBN1 Sun 12:14PM 2:46PM 3:06PM 300030112
Rebecca Lee The Dutch Master OT2 Sat 11:56AM 2:22PM 2:42PM
Hannah Leeds Sapporo BNR Sun 1:05PM 3:36PM 3:56PM
Kara Levi Philippe OBN1 Sun 11:32AM 2:32PM 2:52PM
Kathryn Long Swan’s Juliet OT2 Sat 12:02PM 2:24PM 2:44PM
Cate Lowham Casalto TR Sat 1:37PM 3:02PM 3:22PM
Julia Luce A Proper Gentleman TSr Sat 1:16PM 3:14PM 3:34PM USPC waiver missing;
Kendall MacMillin Kiss Of Snow NJr Sun 11:57AM 1:48PM 2:08PM
Samantha Manning Good Luck Molly NJr Sun 11:39AM 1:42PM 2:02PM USPC waiver missing;
Clare Mansmann Buff Dude OP2 Sat 8:33AM 10:51AM 11:11AM 30021433
Clare Mansmann Sham Show OBN1 Sun 12:20PM 2:48PM 3:08PM 300036165
Thomas Mansmann Rowan OBN2 Sun 2:05PM 3:26PM 3:46PM rider membership inactive;
Wendy Masemer Tom Foolery ON1 Sun 9:18AM 10:46AM 11:06AM 300033365
Colleen McCarthy-Orta Jackson Maine MOD1 Sat 10:06AM 12:26PM 12:46PM
Brooke McColl Penny OBN1 Sun 11:26AM 2:30PM 2:50PM coggins not sent, USEA/USEF waiver Signatures not complete; USPC waiver missing;
Rachel McDonough Heaven Made ON2 Sun 9:54AM 11:36AM 11:56AM chg fee $100; USEA/USEF waiver Signatures not complete; USPC waiver missing; owe 100
Shannon McGowan Gude Affair NSr Sun 9:48AM 12:14PM 12:34PM USEA/USEF waiver Signatures not complete; 300004213
Morgan McGrain Fear The Fire OP1 Sat 9:06AM 10:33AM 10:53AM
Morgan McGrain Quality Crush OT2 Sat 12:32PM 2:34PM 2:54PM
Catherine Meehan Salute the Captain MOD2 Sat 11:29AM 1:00PM 1:20PM
James Meister Going Tribal OT2 Sat 12:20PM 2:30PM 2:50PM
Cecelia Meza LL Silver NJr Sun 10:39AM 1:22PM 1:42PM
Cierra Miller CV’S Jackpot MOD1 Sat 9:48AM 12:20PM 12:40PM 300028793
Brynn Miller Ace of Spades NJr Sun 10:21AM 1:16PM 1:36PM
Cierra Miller Cubic Sound ON2 Sun 9:24AM 11:26AM 11:46AM 300032463
Lara Miller Dancer’s Edge NSr Sun 8:30AM 11:48AM 12:08PM 300027708
Victoria Miller Like Magic OT1 Sat 11:14AM 1:48PM 2:08PM 300008849
Victoria Miller Hard to Believe ON1 Sun 8:18AM 10:26AM 10:46AM 300028811
Victoria Miller Caspers Run ON2 Sun 9:12AM 11:22AM 11:42AM
Victoria Miller Homefortheweekend OBN2 Sun 1:05PM 3:06PM 3:26PM
Leslie Mintz HSH Golden Boy TSr Sat 1:34PM 3:20PM 3:40PM
James Moore Jack Daniels OT1 Sat 11:20AM 1:50PM 2:10PM USPC waiver missing;
Kasey Moseley A Wild Run NSr Sun 8:00AM 11:38AM 11:58AM USEA/USEF waiver Signatures not complete; USPC waiver missing;
Erin Murphy Monatrea Cooley On The Con ON1 Sun 9:12AM 10:44AM 11:04AM chg fee due $100; owe 100
Erin Murphy Cooley Cadence MOD1 Sat 9:54AM 12:22PM 12:42PM
Erin Murphy Rough Heart OT1 Sat 11:32AM 1:54PM 2:14PM
Grace Mykityshyn MTF Cooley Classic OP2 Sat 8:15AM 10:42AM 11:02AM USPC waiver missing;
Adriana Nannini Black Patent Shoes OBN1 Sun 12:26PM 2:50PM 3:10PM 300035474
Rachel Narrow Nui TSr Sat 2:34PM 3:40PM 4:00PM 300031970
Jessica Nelson Duke OBN1 Sun 12:50PM 2:58PM 3:18PM
Katie Nesbit Enter Stanman OBN2 Sun 1:29PM 3:14PM 3:34PM 300036174
Nell Nicastro Pac Man NSr Sun 9:00AM 11:58AM 12:18PM USPC waiver missing;
Evelyn O’Connor Frisco Kid BNR Sun 1:11PM 3:38PM 3:58PM
Kelty O’Donoghue Frankie Pearl ON2 Sun 9:30AM 11:28AM 11:48AM USEA/USEF waiver Signatures not complete; USPC waiver missing;
Kelty O’Donoghue Highly Suspect ON1 Sun 8:24AM 10:28AM 10:48AM USPC waiver missing; owe 50
Kelty O’Donoghue Kilcannon Kandy Kid OP2 Sat 8:21AM 10:45AM 11:05AM USPC waiver missing; owe 336
Meghan O’Donoghue HSH Quotable OT2 Sat 11:26AM 2:12PM 2:32PM USPC waiver missing;
Meghan O’Donoghue Storm Chaser OT1 Sat 10:38AM 1:36PM 1:56PM coggins not sent, USEA/USEF waiver Signatures not complete; USPC waiver missing;
Caitlin O’Roark What The Devil OP1 Sat 8:12AM 10:06AM 10:26AM
Caitlin O’Roark Carbon Copy Z OT2 Sat 11:20AM 2:10PM 2:30PM Change fee $100;
Courtney Olmstead Eliza Do Alot OT1 Sat 10:44AM 1:38PM 1:58PM USPC waiver missing;
Courtney Olmstead Claire OT1 Sat 11:56AM 2:02PM 2:22PM USPC waiver missing;
Courtney Olmstead Macalister OT2 Sat 12:26PM 2:32PM 2:52PM USPC waiver missing;
Addison Orengo Willy Wonka NJr Sun 11:15AM 1:34PM 1:54PM
Maddie Ottaviano Make it Rain OBN1 Sun 12:44PM 2:56PM 3:16PM USEA/USEF waiver Signatures not complete; date of birth missing, USEA # missing, owe 270
Sydney Parise MSH Ready To Rock NR Sun 10:21AM 12:38PM 12:58PM USPC waiver missing; 300029827
Katerina Pecinovsky Affirminator NR Sun 11:27AM 1:00PM 1:20PM 300035041
Michael Pendleton At First OP1 Sat 8:18AM 10:09AM 10:29AM
Michael Pendleton Adorrado OT2 Sat 11:44AM 2:18PM 2:38PM coggins not sent, Horse USEA # missing,
Michael Pendleton Excel Star Irish Rose ON2 Sun 8:24AM 11:06AM 11:26AM coggins not sent,
Michael Pendleton Johnny Walker OBN1 Sun 12:56PM 3:00PM 3:20PM
Mary Perry Cozmos NSr Sun 8:36AM 11:50AM 12:10PM
Viktorija Petraitis Fernhill Float On MOD2 Sat 11:17AM 12:56PM 1:16PM
Whitney Pierson Supernova TSr Sat 2:22PM 3:36PM 3:56PM USEA/USEF waiver Signatures not complete; USPC waiver missing;
Katherine Pitcher Table Talk MOD2 Sat 10:05AM 12:32PM 12:52PM USEF membership; owner USEF # missing, USPC waiver missing; 300014754
Casey Poe HHS Tiger Lily MOD1 Sat 8:36AM 11:56AM 12:16PM
Colby Poe Windchase Brego TR Sat 1:19PM 2:56PM 3:16PM USEA/USEF waiver Signatures not complete;
Christina Porter Winstontariat NSr Sun 8:42AM 11:52AM 12:12PM 300036028
Danielle Poulsen Cotillion OT2 Sat 12:08PM 2:26PM 2:46PM USPC waiver missing; 300019691
Catherine Pournelle MTF Cooley Knight OP1 Sat 8:42AM 10:21AM 10:41AM USPC waiver missing;
Catherine Pournelle Cooley On A Quest MOD1 Sat 9:36AM 12:16PM 12:36PM USPC waiver missing;
Maggie Proffitt Remington Steele TR Sat 1:55PM 3:08PM 3:28PM USPC waiver missing;
Autumn Rae C’Adagio OBN1 Sun 11:20AM 2:28PM 2:48PM
Autumn Rae Lowenbrau OBN2 Sun 1:17PM 3:10PM 3:30PM
Nora Read Jump Street Hero NJr Sun 11:51AM 1:46PM 2:06PM coggins out of date and did not indicate new one to be sent, USPC waiver missing;
Arijana Reskusic Mr. Lit NSr Sun 8:24AM 11:46AM 12:06PM USPC waiver missing;
Coree Reuter-McNamara Another Concerto OBN2 Sun 2:17PM 3:30PM 3:50PM 300014126
Isabella Rice Diablo Tejano TSr Sat 1:10PM 3:12PM 3:32PM 300020448
Brittany Riggle Coup d’Etat NR Sun 11:33AM 1:02PM 1:22PM
Victoria Rosenblatt Paris Lady OBN2 Sun 1:35PM 3:16PM 3:36PM USPC waiver missing; 300035272
Dawn Ross Icy Blue OT1 Sat 11:08AM 1:46PM 2:06PM
Jacqui Ross Cute and Rich ON1 Sun 9:36AM 10:52AM 11:12AM USPC waiver missing; 300030026
Jacqui Ross Nutnbutaroxstar OBN1 Sun 12:32PM 2:52PM 3:12PM USPC waiver missing; 300034885
Jacob Rozga DeAngelo TR Sat 1:13PM 2:54PM 3:14PM USPC waiver missing; 300018109
Lynn Sadler What’s Happening BNR Sun 1:53PM 3:52PM 4:12PM
Michele Sargent ChannelofDreams NR Sun 11:39AM 1:04PM 1:24PM 300023759
Erika Schlicht Starstruck TSr Sat 2:04PM 3:30PM 3:50PM
Kurt Schlichting Fiero FHF NSr Sun 8:18AM 11:44AM 12:04PM
Hannah Schofield Waterline ON1 Sun 8:30AM 10:30AM 10:50AM
Sara Schulman Cooley Chromatic OP1 Sat 8:54AM 10:27AM 10:47AM USPC waiver missing;
Nanette Schumaker La Cosa Nostra TSr Sat 2:28PM 3:38PM 3:58PM
Samantha Schutz Amarie ON1 Sun 9:42AM 10:54AM 11:14AM 300031905
Mary Schwentker Arrowbee OT2 Sat 11:50AM 2:20PM 2:40PM 300025455
Kate Servais Cathedro MOD1 Sat 9:06AM 12:06PM 12:26PM horse membership; 300025577
Jaden Sestak Branching Out ON2 Sun 9:48AM 11:34AM 11:54AM USPC waiver missing;
Nancy Seybold Eli NR Sun 11:45AM 1:06PM 1:26PM
Molly Sherman Winsome OT2 Sat 12:38PM 2:36PM 2:56PM 300027760
Heidi Siegmund Ashwood HJ Leandro ON1 Sun 9:48AM 10:56AM 11:16AM USPC waiver missing;
Curran Simpson RF Cosmos NR Sun 11:15AM 12:56PM 1:16PM
Caitlyn Siwek Without Warning BNR Sun 2:23PM 4:02PM 4:22PM
Megan Smallwood Nevertheless MOD1 Sat 8:54AM 12:02PM 12:22PM 300033076
Allison Smith Great Red Dragon OP2 Sat 8:57AM 11:03AM 11:23AM
Allison Smith The Unicorn Factor OBN2 Sun 12:53PM 3:02PM 3:22PM
Gillian Smith Red Cloud BNR Sun 2:11PM 3:58PM 4:18PM
Nicole Smith Royal United’s Misfit ON2 Sun 8:12AM 11:02AM 11:22AM 300030555
Krissy Smith Shellenberger Quantum K ON2 Sun 8:42AM 11:12AM 11:32AM
Callie Snow Botshabelo MVH Z NR Sun 10:39AM 12:44PM 1:04PM
Crystal Sorrenti Money Is Due BNR Sun 1:59PM 3:54PM 4:14PM 300024027
Allison Sowden Read The Will MOD2 Sat 10:59AM 12:50PM 1:10PM 300014377
Caitlin Stearns Chasingthegame BNR Sun 12:53PM 3:32PM 3:52PM USPC waiver missing;
Sherry Stephenson Pygmalion Prince NR Sun 11:51AM 1:08PM 1:28PM 300011413
Sydney Sturgill Papa Pablo MOD2 Sat 10:53AM 12:48PM 1:08PM 300025912
Nikki Thomas Kinsale NSr Sun 9:12AM 12:02PM 12:22PM
Kendyl Tracy Justified OT1 Sat 10:56AM 1:42PM 2:02PM
Emma Tuit Rapid Romero KV NSr Sun 9:24AM 12:06PM 12:26PM Membership; USPC waiver missing;
Katherine van der Rest Classic Double MOD2 Sat 11:23AM 12:58PM 1:18PM 300026140
Natalie Wales Vivado PS ON2 Sun 9:06AM 11:20AM 11:40AM
Natalie Wales Not The Norm ON1 Sun 8:06AM 10:22AM 10:42AM 300031981
Heidi Wardle Generalist NR Sun 11:57AM 1:10PM 1:30PM USPC waiver missing; 300028546
Lillian Weidner KD Mac NJr Sun 10:27AM 1:18PM 1:38PM
Emma Wick Avalon Realta MOD2 Sat 10:41AM 12:44PM 1:04PM
Linden Wiesman Discreto MOD1 Sat 9:18AM 12:10PM 12:30PM 300006967
Alexandra Wikstrom Viking Navigator ON2 Sun 8:18AM 11:04AM 11:24AM 300033733
Charlotte Williams Innception VT OBN2 Sun 12:59PM 3:04PM 3:24PM
Bailey Wilson Leap of Faith NSr Sun 8:48AM 11:54AM 12:14PM 300024358
Louisa Woodville Kittiwake NSr Sun 8:54AM 11:56AM 12:16PM



As a non-profit, we rely on the generous support of our community to fundraise for our event.

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