Middleburg Horse Trials Sponsors

A Special Thanks...

... to the following people for donation of lessons and other therapies for prizes...
Skeyler Icky Voss, Sharon White, Stephen Bradley, Lynn Symansky, David O’Connor, Allison Springer, Lauren Nicholson, Karen O’Connor, Jan Byyny, Mara DePuy, Meghan O’Donoghue, Martin’s Douzant, Chris Talley, Hannah Salazar, Ema Klougman, Kelli Temple and Kate Chadderton.

We also have prize donations of 3 theraplate sessions from Cali Johnson and a 1 hour massage from Angie Cooney

Middleburg Orange Pony Club and Middleburg Horse Trials

Reminder of Procedures for Rally Registration

Registration Procedures for Rallies!

Please note, new procedures for individual rally registrations have been implemented due to changes in the Virginia Region Pony Club web site. If you are attending an upcoming rally, this is important and new information. The process is significantly different from prior years, so please read carefully and follow all instructions located at http://www.mocponyclub.org/moc-pony-club/rallies.

Certificate Congratulations

Congratulations to MOCPC members who just earned Certificates at our October 27th testing.  Nicely Done!

Beto B (C2 HM/Flat); Lydia F. (C2); Anthony F. (C1 HM/Flat); Eleanor B. (D2 & D3 HM/Flat



Pony Club Clinic - June 12 - Fix A Test or Fix A Rounds (SJ & XC)

June 12 Clinic Opportunity:  Fix-A-Rounds with Kurt Martin (SJ) & Chris Talley (XC) & Fix-A-Test with Emily Beshear


Do not miss this unique opportunity to work with three top instructors on the same day and ride at Great Meadow! This is a rare opportunity to ride in the rings where Great Meadow International is held and school the new XC course. These top riders have graciously donated their time. The proceeds from the clinic go to fund the MOCPC water jump at Great Meadow.
Develop a Dressage Warm Up Plan for the test of your choose with Emily Beshear CCI**** rider/trainer & USEA ICP Level IV Instructor. Develop a SJ Warm Up Plan and Fix-A-Round with Kurt Martin CCI****rider and International level competitor. Improve Your Confidence on XC with Chris Talley named as one of the 2018 Emerging 25 Athletes and CCI*** rider.

Choose one or two disciplines! Please specify which dressage, SJ or XC when registering.

If paying online please choose the discount rate for SJ and dressage; and regular amount for XC.

Volunteer for the Middleburg Horse Trails at https://www.eventingvolunteers.com/events/408/signup and receive a XC schooling pass that can be used for your facility fee!

$120.00 for the clinic ($95 for MOC members/boarders)
Please note there is a $50.00 facility fee
Clinic sessions will begin at 12:00

To register for this event or to audit this event, please visit: https://www.eventclinics.com/a/7sTzG0hyd0yhsKkvN6lBtw

Two (2) releases must be completed to participate in this event: a) United States Pony Club Waiver and b) Great Meadow Waiver.


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