Middleburg Orange Pony Club and Middleburg Horse Trials

Live scoring will be posted every fifteen minutes during the horse trials at http://www.coursewalkapp.com/livescores/2019_06_08_MiddleburgHT.

2019 Ride Times for the Middleburg Horse Trials are posted below effective Thursday, June 6, 2019 at 5:00 PM ET. Times may be updated through June 7 so please check back just prior to the start of the event on Saturday, June 8, 2019.

Any rider with multiple rides will be allowed some flexibility for SJ and XC. They must all ride their dressage on the scheduled times. If the multiple rides are in the same level they can choose to ride one horse through SJ and XC and then ride the next horse or run both SJ and then both XC. However they must finish SJ and XC before the levels have finished and courses change. If riders have any questions regarding their times they can contact Steve Symansky at ssymansky@gmail.com.

For those riders that do not show divisions or times, that is because they have not paid their fees. They must contact the secretary to make payment arrangements and receive their times. IF payment is not paid it is possible their spot may be given to riders that still want to enter the horse trial.

First LastHorse NameDivisionDress DayDress timeStadium TimeXCountry Timemissing informationtipp #
Carla Abramcheck Swan's Legacy NH Sun 8:36AM 10:42AM 11:02AM    
Shannon Allen KD Mac NSr Sun 9:06AM 12:06PM 12:26PM   300013922
Hannah Aloumouati Clearing TH Sat 11:46AM 1:50PM 2:10PM   300015884
Cindy Anderson-Blank Windchase Faberge Star OP1 Sat 9:30AM 10:45AM 11:05AM    
Cindy Anderson-Blank Longstride ON2 Sun 10:40AM 1:28PM 1:48PM    
Anna Antrobius Dark Energy NJrYr Sun 11:22AM 1:06PM 1:26PM Signatures not complete;  
Lucy Arnold Lapin Rouge TJrYr Sat 12:42PM 2:44PM 3:04PM   300016604
Rayne Atkinson Cody BNJr Sun 1:42PM 3:16PM 3:36PM    
Emma Ayre Dad Arewethereyet OP1 Sat 9:42AM 10:51AM 11:11AM Signatures not complete; USEF # missing, 300004212
Kristin Bachman Lonesome Irish Dawn ON1 Sun 8:42AM 11:20AM 11:40AM owe 65  
Edward Baker Chesapeake Nightfall ON1 Sun 9:30AM 11:36AM 11:56AM    
Brooke Ballhaus Beverly's Get Even TJrYr Sat 1:00PM 2:50PM 3:10PM owe 5  
Brooke Bayley Unbroken OP1 Sat 8:36AM 10:18AM 10:38AM    
Brooke Bayley Dandy Lion OBN2 Sun 3:52PM 4:50PM 5:10PM    
Emily Beshear Nicas Last Laugh TH Sat 11:40AM 1:48PM 2:08PM changed division; ; owe 37  
Emily Beshear Calla Lily OBN2 Sun 3:10PM 4:36PM 4:56PM   300007833
Emily Beshear Persian King NH Sun 8:18AM 10:36AM 10:56AM rider chang; owe 50 300024178
Emily Beshear LVS Jackson OT2 Sat 1:12PM 3:10PM 3:30PM    
Jeff Beshear Fernhill Cascum Marco OT1 Sat 10:00AM 1:18PM 1:38PM    
Nicholas Beshear El Mesano OP1 Sat 8:30AM 10:15AM 10:35AM   300022359
Nicholas Beshear Copycat Chloe OP2 Sat 9:18AM 11:48AM 12:08PM    
Delia-Anne Biondi Flashback ON2 Sun 11:10AM 1:38PM 1:58PM owe 291  
Dana Bivens Archimedes NH Sun 8:54AM 10:48AM 11:08AM   300024955
Maya Black Maks Mojo C TH Sat 12:04PM 1:56PM 2:16PM coggins not sent, Signatures not complete;  
Maya Black Mowgli OP1 Sat 9:06AM 10:33AM 10:53AM coggins not sent, Signatures not complete;  
Maya Black Lanthan Lights C OBN1 Sun 1:18PM 3:58PM 4:18PM coggins not sent, Signatures not complete;  
Maya Black Double Diamond C OBN2 Sun 3:16PM 4:38PM 4:58PM coggins not sent, Signatures not complete;  
Pamela Blumberg Never Heard OBN1 Sun 1:12PM 3:56PM 4:16PM    
Jessica Bortner-Harris Island Rendition ON2 Sun 11:04AM 1:36PM 1:56PM owe 291  
Jean Bowman Wahoo Legal OP1 Sat 9:36AM 10:48AM 11:08AM   300014383
Brittany Bradshaw Philosophize OBN1 Sun 1:06PM 3:54PM 4:14PM    
Brittany Bradshaw Tilt-A-Whirl TSr Sat 11:58AM 2:28PM 2:48PM   300019359
Debbie Brink Remember That NSr Sun 8:24AM 11:52AM 12:12PM    
Jan Byyny Unbridled Numbers TH Sat 11:58AM 1:54PM 2:14PM   300009531
Jan Byyny Why Not OT1 Sat 8:48AM 12:54PM 1:14PM    
Kristin Carpenter Stiletto TH Sat 10:46AM 1:30PM 1:50PM Signatures not complete;  
Gigi Carter Selebration OBN1 Sun 12:54PM 3:50PM 4:10PM    
Helen Casteel Unapproachable NSr Sun 8:06AM 11:46AM 12:06PM   300018590
Mary-Cooke Catlett Luck of the Draw TJrYr Sat 12:00PM 2:30PM 2:50PM owe 296  
Jessica Chappell Excel Star Atlantic ON2 Sun 11:16AM 1:40PM 2:00PM Signatures not complete;  
Madison Chisholm Beechcraft OP2 Sat 10:00AM 12:09PM 12:29PM owe 309 300020432
Madeline Cindric Sweet Soliloquy BNSr Sun 12:18PM 2:28PM 2:48PM   300017287
Alexis Clymore Bella Nova TJrYr Sat 1:36PM 3:02PM 3:22PM   300013816
William Coleman Steam Engine OP1 Sat 8:06AM 10:03AM 10:23AM coggins out of date and did not indicate new one to be sent,  
William Coleman Chin Tonic HS OP2 Sat 9:30AM 11:54AM 12:14PM coggins out of date and did not indicate new one to be sent, owner USEF # missing,  
William Coleman Obos O’Reilly OP1 Sat 8:48AM 10:24AM 10:44AM coggins not sent,  
William Coleman FE Unlimited OT2 Sat 2:00PM 3:26PM 3:46PM coggins not sent, Signatures not complete;  
Mimi Combs Mindful OT2 Sat 2:12PM 3:30PM 3:50PM    
Mimi Combs Aristocrat NH Sun 9:30AM 11:00AM 11:20AM   300018804
Julia Conn Poet OT1 Sat 10:06AM 1:20PM 1:40PM   300012921
Annabelle Coppersmith Zenani NJrYr Sun 11:34AM 1:10PM 1:30PM    
Stephanie Cordell Codename Toby TJrYr Sat 1:12PM 2:54PM 3:14PM   300002163
Suzannah Cornue Clear Crossing ON1 Sun 9:00AM 11:26AM 11:46AM   300022799
Ashley Cosenza I'm Seeing Spotz BNJr Sun 1:18PM 3:08PM 3:28PM    
Amanda Cousins Art Imitates Life OBN2 Sun 3:40PM 4:46PM 5:06PM   300024730
Amanda Cousins Duncan NH Sun 9:00AM 10:50AM 11:10AM    
Madison Cowen Rhythm TJrYr Sat 12:06PM 2:32PM 2:52PM    
K.C. Cowles Alexander NH Sun 9:24AM 10:58AM 11:18AM    
Brittany Crandall Cooley Almighty OP1 Sat 9:54AM 10:57AM 11:17AM    
Sarah Crocker Liberty River OT1 Sat 9:36AM 1:10PM 1:30PM    
Riki Cullingford You Bette BNSr Sun 12:00PM 2:22PM 2:42PM   300023079
Laurel Curry Little Miss Memphis BNJr Sun 1:00PM 3:02PM 3:22PM    
Mikayla Cutler Reverie TJrYr Sat 12:12PM 2:34PM 2:54PM    
Elizabeth Darr Penelope NSr Sun 8:30AM 11:54AM 12:14PM    
Lindy Davenport Allie TH Sat 10:52AM 1:32PM 1:52PM owe 25  
Stephanie Davis Cooley Quality Q OP2 Sat 9:42AM 12:00PM 12:20PM    
Jillian Dean Autorytet TJrYr Sat 1:30PM 3:00PM 3:20PM owe 55  
Ella Detwyler Atticus Finch OT1 Sat 9:48AM 1:14PM 1:34PM coggins not sent, Signatures not complete; owe 296  
Olivia Devening Ark Royale Tumble-Lena BNJr Sun 2:00PM 3:22PM 3:42PM    
Gabby Dickerson Cherished Friend OP1 Sat 10:00AM 11:00AM 11:20AM    
Lee DiGangi Eleventh Hour NH Sun 9:36AM 11:02AM 11:22AM    
Julia Dionisio The Last Call NJrYr Sun 10:28AM 12:48PM 1:08PM    
Kathryn Doherty Warrior Spirit BNJr Sun 12:36PM 2:54PM 3:14PM   300022990
Crystal Duffield Saved the Best BNSr Sun 12:30PM 2:32PM 2:52PM   300018110
Jessica Eads Upgrade ON1 Sun 8:06AM 11:08AM 11:28AM    
Karen Eichert Trumbull BNSr Sun 12:12PM 2:26PM 2:46PM    
Chelsea Eldridge Celestial Bliss ON1 Sun 9:36AM 11:38AM 11:58AM   300021482
Shannon Ellis Femme Fatale WE OP1 Sat 9:18AM 10:39AM 10:59AM Trainer USEF # missing, owner USEF # missing,  
Glenn Epstein Cruising for Gold NSr Sun 9:24AM 12:12PM 12:32PM    
Caitlin Erwin Painted In Lace NSr Sun 8:48AM 12:00PM 12:20PM Horse USEA # missing, 300010624
Edward Ewbank Alluring Punch OBN1 Sun 2:06PM 4:14PM 4:34PM   300025305
Amy Faison Reiver OBN1 Sun 1:00PM 3:52PM 4:12PM   300004972
Mia Farley Northern Victory ON2 Sun 10:28AM 1:24PM 1:44PM coggins not sent, Signatures not complete;  
Mia Farley Phelps OP2 Sat 8:30AM 11:24AM 11:44AM coggins not sent, Signatures not complete; owe 309  
Janet Ferri Dreaming of Gold BNSr Sun 12:42PM 2:36PM 2:56PM    
Grace Fiedler Fanfare VT NJrYr Sun 11:16AM 1:04PM 1:24PM    
Anna Fitzhugh Loreto OP2 Sat 8:00AM 11:09AM 11:29AM   300015775
Zara Flores-Kinney Elusive Dassett OP1 Sat 9:24AM 10:42AM 11:02AM    
Kelly Follain Rhythm and Blues BNSr Sun 12:36PM 2:34PM 2:54PM    
Abby Foltz Absolute Zero OBN1 Sun 2:12PM 4:16PM 4:36PM    
Melissa Fox Command Approval TSr Sat 10:34AM 2:00PM 2:20PM   300001739
Angie Francart Lion ON2 Sun 10:52AM 1:32PM 1:52PM    
Leslie Fredrick MTF High Tower OP2 Sat 8:48AM 11:33AM 11:53AM    
Ariana Freeman Piper Saratoga NJrYr Sun 11:40AM 1:12PM 1:32PM   300019317
Ariana Freeman Bigtime Riptide TJrYr Sat 1:24PM 2:58PM 3:18PM    
Susan Gallagher Chacco Chip TSr Sat 11:40AM 2:22PM 2:42PM    
Berkley Gardner Chillie BNJr Sun 1:48PM 3:18PM 3:38PM    
Rebecca Gershowitz Hudson TSr Sat 10:58AM 2:08PM 2:28PM   300008566
Amanda Geyer Austin ON1 Sun 8:30AM 11:16AM 11:36AM    
Mary Ann Ghadban Capture the Spirit NSr Sun 9:42AM 12:18PM 12:38PM    
Anna Gibson Smartie Pants NSr Sun 8:12AM 11:48AM 12:08PM    
Emily Glidden Chevy OT1 Sat 9:00AM 12:58PM 1:18PM coggins not sent, Signatures not complete;  
Emily Glidden Heroic Royal OT2 Sat 1:54PM 3:24PM 3:44PM coggins not sent, Signatures not complete; 300018501
Michelle Gnozzio Georgia's Sacred Heart ON2 Sun 11:22AM 1:42PM 2:02PM    
Michelle Gnozzio Pepper NJrYr Sun 10:10AM 12:42PM 1:02PM    
Sarah Gonzalez The Great Mouse Detective NH Sun 8:00AM 10:30AM 10:50AM   300023448
Devon Gray Harley D TJrYr Sat 1:42PM 3:04PM 3:24PM    
Karleigh Gray Dinnerandashow TH Sat 10:34AM 1:26PM 1:46PM Signatures not complete; 300001921
Karleigh Gray Rhumba BCF OP2 Sat 8:54AM 11:36AM 11:56AM Signatures not complete;  
Kristen Gray Amoral OBN1 Sun 2:00PM 4:12PM 4:32PM Signatures not complete; 300022601
Mackenzie Grove Waquoit's Diamond NJrYr Sun 11:10AM 1:02PM 1:22PM   300022127
Mia Gryniuk Win me an Oscar NJrYr Sun 10:52AM 12:56PM 1:16PM    
Rebecca Hagy Lusi TJrYr Sat 12:36PM 2:42PM 3:02PM    
Lisa Hannan Lowenbrau OBN2 Sun 2:46PM 4:28PM 4:48PM    
Alice Hanson Street Fighting BNSr Sun 12:24PM 2:30PM 2:50PM coggins not sent, Signatures not complete; USEA # missing, owe 291  
Lakyn Harlow Gunnar TJrYr Sat 1:06PM 2:52PM 3:12PM    
Robyn Harter Mister Earl ON2 Sun 10:34AM 1:26PM 1:46PM   300018132
Ella Sabine Hatcher Flying Minion BNJr Sun 1:24PM 3:10PM 3:30PM    
Samuel Hellerman Roheryn NH Sun 9:18AM 10:56AM 11:16AM    
London Hershey Elektra BNJr Sun 1:30PM 3:12PM 3:32PM    
Hallie Higgs Barefoot Blue Jean Night BNJr Sun 1:54PM 3:20PM 3:40PM    
Hannah Higgs Tutuola BNJr Sun 12:42PM 2:56PM 3:16PM    
Laura Hilliard Mr. Success ON1 Sun 9:24AM 11:34AM 11:54AM   300002076
Danny Hogland Tactical Advantage BNSr Sun 1:30PM 2:52PM 3:12PM owe 286  
Samantha Homeyer Dora the Explorer BNJr Sun 1:36PM 3:14PM 3:34PM    
Alexis Horn Doctor Jones BNSr Sun 12:54PM 2:40PM 3:00PM    
Sophie Horn Kynynmont Eminently Irish OT2 Sat 1:00PM 3:06PM 3:26PM Signatures not complete;  
Melissa Hunsberger Ballaghmore Castle OP2 Sat 10:06AM 12:12PM 12:32PM    
Chloe Irwin High Maintenance TJrYr Sat 12:54PM 2:48PM 3:08PM    
Leandra Jenkins Chilkat NSr Sun 8:54AM 12:02PM 12:22PM    
Stephanie Jenkins Abstract Cape TH Sat 10:40AM 1:28PM 1:48PM   300021209
Stephanie Jenkins Dazzling ON1 Sun 9:06AM 11:28AM 11:48AM coggins not sent, Signatures not complete; owe 291  
Donald Kamenz Jones Player NSr Sun 9:12AM 12:08PM 12:28PM   300020089
Ina Kamenz Hang Time NSr Sun 9:18AM 12:10PM 12:30PM   300002156
Caroline Kelahan Inevitable BNJr Sun 1:06PM 3:04PM 3:24PM   300021916
Claire Kelley Dude What's up ON1 Sun 8:54AM 11:24AM 11:44AM    
Katie Kelly Valiant Voyager BNSr Sun 12:06PM 2:24PM 2:44PM    
Lena-Adriana Kennedy Ridgetop Smurfy Himself NJrYr Sun 10:46AM 12:54PM 1:14PM    
Steph Kohr Irisina OT1 Sat 9:12AM 1:02PM 1:22PM    
Steph Kohr Silver Ruby TH Sat 10:58AM 1:34PM 1:54PM    
Jocelyn Kriss Parker Orvyn TNE ON2 Sun 10:22AM 1:22PM 1:42PM    
Leslie Lamb Modern Art NH Sun 8:30AM 10:40AM 11:00AM    
Katie LaVallee High Speed Internet NH Sun 8:42AM 10:44AM 11:04AM   300012949
Anna Lawson My Amelia TJrYr Sat 12:30PM 2:40PM 3:00PM   300018189
Rachel Lawson High Tide OP2 Sat 9:48AM 12:03PM 12:23PM owe 259 300019269
Lance LeClair Missy Clare ON1 Sun 8:36AM 11:18AM 11:38AM Signatures not complete;  
Rebecca Lee Invictus OP2 Sat 9:06AM 11:42AM 12:02PM    
Eleanor Leonard Alvescot Moneymaker TSr Sat 11:52AM 2:26PM 2:46PM    
Sara Lieser Osh Kosh OP2 Sat 8:36AM 11:27AM 11:47AM   300002878
Abigail Lindsay Templewood OP1 Sat 8:24AM 10:12AM 10:32AM   300020951
Ella Lucas Truthful Saint NJrYr Sun 10:16AM 12:44PM 1:04PM Signatures not complete;  
Julia Luce A Proper Gentleman OT2 Sat 1:18PM 3:12PM 3:32PM    
Julia Luce Pip's Thunderbolt OBN2 Sun 2:28PM 4:22PM 4:42PM    
Alexandra Major Trance ON2 Sun 10:04AM 1:16PM 1:36PM coggins out of date and did not indicate new one to be sent,  
Clare Mansmann Buff Dude ON2 Sun 11:34AM 1:46PM 2:06PM   300021433
Clare Mansmann Alarming OBN2 Sun 3:46PM 4:48PM 5:08PM   300025290
Thomas Mansmann Walk Away Slow OBN2 Sun 2:34PM 4:24PM 4:44PM   300025332
Kurt Martin Reloaded OP2 Sat 8:24AM 11:21AM 11:41AM Signatures not complete; owner USEF # missing, owe 259  
Kurt Martin Don Chacco OP1 Sat 9:12AM 10:36AM 10:56AM coggins not sent, Signatures not complete; owner USEF # missing,  
Kurt Martin Talbot County OT1 Sat 8:42AM 12:52PM 1:12PM coggins not sent, Signatures not complete; owe 296  
Kurt Martin Space Ranger OT2 Sat 1:42PM 3:20PM 3:40PM coggins not sent, Signatures not complete;  
Kurt Martin Camouflage OT2 Sat 2:24PM 3:34PM 3:54PM coggins not sent, Signatures not complete;  
Kurt Martin The Gambler OP1 Sat 8:00AM 10:00AM 10:20AM   300008089
Kurt Martin D.A. Lifetime OP2 Sat 9:36AM 11:57AM 12:17PM coggins not sent, Signatures not complete; owner USEF # missing,  
Taylor Martin Avocado OBN1 Sun 1:54PM 4:10PM 4:30PM    
Diane McCool The Doc Is In OT1 Sat 9:42AM 1:12PM 1:32PM   300013319
Rachel McDonough Mr. Lit OP1 Sat 9:00AM 10:30AM 10:50AM    
Ellyn McMahon Copernicus TSr Sat 11:22AM 2:16PM 2:36PM    
Julie Miller Chalie TSr Sat 11:34AM 2:20PM 2:40PM    
Leslie Mintz HSH Golden Boy OBN2 Sun 3:34PM 4:44PM 5:04PM    
Darrin Mollett Beverly's Bebop OP1 Sat 8:12AM 10:06AM 10:26AM    
Darrin Mollett Beverly's Clueso OP2 Sat 9:00AM 11:39AM 11:59AM    
James Moore DeAngelo TH Sat 11:16AM 1:40PM 2:00PM   300018109
Cindi Moravec Holloway TSr Sat 11:04AM 2:10PM 2:30PM   300013703
Lara Morris Shooting Doubles TSr Sat 10:28AM 1:58PM 2:18PM Signatures not complete;  
Erin Murphy EWSZ Candella NH Sun 8:48AM 10:46AM 11:06AM    
Erin Murphy Table Talk TH Sat 11:34AM 1:46PM 2:06PM    
Julie Nelson Riding the Tide NSr Sun 8:18AM 11:50AM 12:10PM   300013293
Alayna Newsome Isobel's Hero OT2 Sat 1:30PM 3:16PM 3:36PM    
Nell Nicastro Abecca GS TJrYr Sat 12:24PM 2:38PM 2:58PM    
Benjamin Noonan Bojangles TJrYr Sat 1:18PM 2:56PM 3:16PM coggins not sent, Signatures not complete;  
Benjamin Noonan Keep Kitty OP1 Sat 8:54AM 10:27AM 10:47AM coggins not sent, Signatures not complete;  
Heather Novak Hallston OBN1 Sun 1:30PM 4:02PM 4:22PM Signatures not complete;  
Tori Nuckols Gingerman OBN1 Sun 1:36PM 4:04PM 4:24PM Signatures not complete;  
Meghan O'Donoghue Fashionable Man OT2 Sat 2:36PM 3:38PM 3:58PM coggins not sent, Signatures not complete;  
Meghan O'Donoghue Song Trick OT1 Sat 8:36AM 12:50PM 1:10PM coggins not sent, Signatures not complete;  
Meghan O'Donoghue Kilcannon Kandy Kid TH Sat 10:28AM 1:24PM 1:44PM coggins not sent, Signatures not complete;  
Meghan O’Donoghue Cosmic Riley ON2 Sun 11:28AM 1:44PM 2:04PM owe 60  
Meghan O’Donoghue Lazaretto TH Sat 11:22AM 1:42PM 2:02PM   300022684
Karissa Oliver FDF Recherche TSr Sat 11:10AM 2:12PM 2:32PM    
Courtney Olmstead Claire OT1 Sat 9:30AM 1:08PM 1:28PM    
Courtney Olmstead McAlistair NH Sun 8:06AM 10:32AM 10:52AM    
Courtney Olmstead Douce ON1 Sun 9:12AM 11:30AM 11:50AM    
Courtney Olmstead Baker Street OP1 Sat 10:12AM 11:06AM 11:26AM    
Elizabeth Olmstead Waterline OBN2 Sun 2:52PM 4:30PM 4:50PM    
Elizabeth Olmstead Holdin' My Own OBN1 Sun 12:42PM 3:46PM 4:06PM    
Moriah Orms Widespread Chaos OP2 Sat 8:06AM 11:12AM 11:32AM owe 50  
Kathryn Partigan Reve ON1 Sun 8:24AM 11:14AM 11:34AM    
Cami Pease Vibrant NSr Sun 8:00AM 11:44AM 12:04PM    
Mary Perry Cozmos BNSr Sun 1:06PM 2:44PM 3:04PM    
Amy Pleasants Dear Darla BNSr Sun 1:00PM 2:42PM 3:02PM   300023279
Casey Poe Hershey NJrYr Sun 10:04AM 12:40PM 1:00PM    
Colby Poe Sparrow's Galway Bay NJrYr Sun 10:34AM 12:50PM 1:10PM    
Connor Poe Parker Hollow NJrYr Sun 10:58AM 12:58PM 1:18PM    
Jodie Potts Island Fever OT1 Sat 10:12AM 1:22PM 1:42PM changed division; ; Signatures not complete; owe 50 300016431
Catherine Pournelle Traditional Hat Man OBN1 Sun 1:24PM 4:00PM 4:20PM    
Annika Quanbeck Sambuca BNJr Sun 12:48PM 2:58PM 3:18PM    
Autumn Rae Saphira ON2 Sun 10:10AM 1:18PM 1:38PM    
Autumn Rae Che Bella OBN2 Sun 3:22PM 4:40PM 5:00PM    
Coree Reuter-McNamara Another Concerto BNSr Sun 1:24PM 2:50PM 3:10PM   300014126
Carol Richardson Black Shadow OBN1 Sun 1:48PM 4:08PM 4:28PM Signatures not complete;  
Elizabeth Ricklefs Idlehour Patriot TSr Sat 10:52AM 2:06PM 2:26PM    
Brittany Riggle Coup d'Etat BNSr Sun 1:12PM 2:46PM 3:06PM    
Elisa Rodriguez Königin der Nacht TJrYr Sat 12:48PM 2:46PM 3:06PM    
Victoria Rodriguez Otto TSr Sat 10:40AM 2:02PM 2:22PM Signatures not complete; 300019638
Louis Rogers Always Cooley OT2 Sat 2:18PM 3:32PM 3:52PM    
Louis Rogers Mighty Himself OT1 Sat 8:54AM 12:56PM 1:16PM    
Jacqui Ross Starbucks Pilot ON1 Sun 9:18AM 11:32AM 11:52AM    
Jacqui Ross Smoke and Mirrors OP2 Sat 8:12AM 11:15AM 11:35AM    
Jacqui Ross Belle's Sweet Dream NH Sun 8:12AM 10:34AM 10:54AM    
Cameron Rouse Rummy TSr Sat 11:28AM 2:18PM 2:38PM Signatures not complete; 300016143
Ashley Russell Fulleigh Armed OBN2 Sun 3:04PM 4:34PM 4:54PM   300024818
Kate Samuels Felix Felicis OT1 Sat 9:18AM 1:04PM 1:24PM Signatures not complete; 300021796
Michele Sargent ChannelofDreams NSr Sun 9:36AM 12:16PM 12:36PM   300023759
Christa Schmidt Cooley Dream OT1 Sat 9:24AM 1:06PM 1:26PM coggins not sent, owe 5  
Christa Schmidt Leo Distinction OT1 Sat 8:30AM 12:48PM 1:08PM coggins not sent,  
Christa Schmidt Catchascatchcan OT2 Sat 2:06PM 3:28PM 3:48PM    
Samantha Schutz Demitri NH Sun 9:06AM 10:52AM 11:12AM    
Kim Severson Cooley Criminal Mind OT2 Sat 1:36PM 3:18PM 3:38PM    
Molly Sherman Winsome OP2 Sat 8:18AM 11:18AM 11:38AM    
Emily Shilling Enchanting Class TSr Sat 11:16AM 2:14PM 2:34PM coggins not sent, Signatures not complete;  
Emily Shilling Caleb’s Cat OBN1 Sun 1:42PM 4:06PM 4:26PM coggins not sent, Signatures not complete;  
Curran Simpson Fernhill Flame ON1 Sun 8:48AM 11:22AM 11:42AM    
Shanna Sloan Quiproquo Des Vatys OP1 Sat 10:06AM 11:03AM 11:23AM Signatures not complete;  
Lara Small Zoey Regallo OBN2 Sun 2:22PM 4:20PM 4:40PM    
Nikki Smith Sir Valentine OP1 Sat 9:48AM 10:54AM 11:14AM    
Ellie Solms Chastian's Morning Mocha NJrYr Sun 11:28AM 1:08PM 1:28PM changed rider; owe 50  
Allison Sowden You Wish ON1 Sun 8:00AM 11:06AM 11:26AM Signatures not complete; 300019190
Allison Springer Crystal Crescent Moon OP1 Sat 8:18AM 10:09AM 10:29AM    
Allison Springer Lickity Split OT2 Sat 2:30PM 3:36PM 3:56PM Signatures not complete; 300007188
Allison Springer Fanta TH Sat 11:10AM 1:38PM 1:58PM Signatures not complete;  
Allison Springer No May Moon OBN2 Sun 2:58PM 4:32PM 4:52PM    
Emily St. Jacques Pasture Bedtime NH Sun 8:24AM 10:38AM 10:58AM   300017952
Allie Steck Storm Warning OBN1 Sun 12:48PM 3:48PM 4:08PM    
Chris Talley Lute and Sweet TH Sat 11:28AM 1:44PM 2:04PM    
Chris Talley Sweet Natalie OT2 Sat 1:06PM 3:08PM 3:28PM    
Alison Teetor Cracker Jack NSr Sun 9:30AM 12:14PM 12:34PM   300007879
Kelli Temple Caleesi OP2 Sat 9:54AM 12:06PM 12:26PM coggins not sent, Signatures not complete; owe 259  
Kelli Temple Chippendale ON1 Sun 8:12AM 11:10AM 11:30AM coggins not sent, Signatures not complete; owe 291  
Jill Thomas Bon Vivant ON1 Sun 9:42AM 11:40AM 12:00PM    
Kate Thresher Silver Bop NJrYr Sun 10:40AM 12:52PM 1:12PM   300024896
Kendyl Tracy Providence's Maxwell OBN2 Sun 3:28PM 4:42PM 5:02PM    
Kendyl Tracy Bobbie Burns OT1 Sat 9:06AM 1:00PM 1:20PM    
Stephanie Traylor My Baby Grand OP2 Sat 8:42AM 11:30AM 11:50AM   300006580
Ashley Trier Quality Vintage TH Sat 11:04AM 1:36PM 1:56PM    
Victoria Tupper My Lady’s Champion BNJr Sun 12:54PM 3:00PM 3:20PM    
Bethany Valentino Partly Puzzled NSr Sun 8:36AM 11:56AM 12:16PM    
Katherine van der Rest Pandora’ Na’vi Child ON2 Sun 9:58AM 1:14PM 1:34PM    
Lauren Varga Astaire To The Future TSr Sat 11:46AM 2:24PM 2:44PM    
Nicolle Villers-Amatt Kingsman’s Pride OT1 Sat 9:54AM 1:16PM 1:36PM Signatures not complete;  
Nicolle Villers-Amatt London By Night ON2 Sun 10:46AM 1:30PM 1:50PM Signatures not complete; 300000686
Madeleine Wallach Belle Grey's Galliano TH Sat 11:52AM 1:52PM 2:12PM    
Heidi Wardle Cold Spice BNSr Sun 1:18PM 2:48PM 3:08PM   300020723
Susan Watters Pallhkari NSr Sun 8:42AM 11:58AM 12:18PM    
Lillian Weidner Ice Tea BNJr Sun 1:12PM 3:06PM 3:26PM Signatures not complete; Horse USEA # missing,  
Anna White Saints Score OBN2 Sun 2:40PM 4:26PM 4:46PM   300023360
Anna White Southern Storm ON1 Sun 8:18AM 11:12AM 11:32AM    
Mandolin Whitten Thistle NJrYr Sun 10:22AM 12:46PM 1:06PM Division Training riding HC; owe 25  
Emma Wick In Flight N’ Out of Sight NJrYr Sun 11:04AM 1:00PM 1:20PM    
Linden Wiesman Discreto OP2 Sat 9:24AM 11:51AM 12:11PM   300006967
Nancy Wise Monarts Diamond Lad OBN1 Sun 2:18PM 4:18PM 4:38PM changed division; ; owe 50  
Leigh Wood Dollar Mountain BNSr Sun 12:48PM 2:38PM 2:58PM   300005246
Lindsay Woods QLE Positron TJrYr Sat 12:18PM 2:36PM 2:56PM    
Louisa Woodville Empress OT2 Sat 1:48PM 3:22PM 3:42PM division change; ; owe 5  
Michaela Yowaiski Bijoux Bay ON2 Sun 10:16AM 1:20PM 1:40PM    
Caitlin Zolet Kynynmont's Cassidy ON2 Sun 10:58AM 1:34PM 1:54PM    

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