Middleburg Orange Pony Club and Middleburg Horse Trials

2019 Ride Times for the Middleburg Horse Trials will be posted the Wednesday prior to the event (approximately June 6, 2019). Times may be updated through June 7 so please check back just prior to the start of the event on Saturday, June 8, 2019.

Any rider with multiple rides will be allowed some flexibility for SJ and XC. They must all ride their dressage on the scheduled times. If the multiple rides are in the same level they can choose to ride one horse through SJ and XC and then ride the next horse or run both SJ and then both XC. However they must finish SJ and XC before the levels have finished and courses change. If riders have any questions regarding their times they can contact Steve Symansky at ssymansky@gmail.com.

For those riders that do not show divisions or times, that is because they have not paid their fees. They must contact the secretary to make payment arrangements and receive their times. IF payment is not paid it is possible their spot may be given to riders that still want to enter the horse trial.

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